GRONEMEYER - Your partner for special demands

Nowadays special demands are made on the conveying systems between the various production machines. Standard components can only be used rarely, so that our experience of decades bears fruit. In close cooperation with our suppliers the best conveyor chain is selected individually for each need. Whether you must convey products at an extreme gradient uphill or need a system that meets the requirements for food machinery. We supply you with a conveyor system that is tailored to your requirements.

... for linking

The rational linking of milling machines makes special demands on the conveying technology. Here the framework conditions are so special that standard components can only be used rarely.

  • For this field of action, too, conveyor chains made of steel, stainless steel and plastic are available.
  • The systems are executed in solid steel or aluminium designs.
  • If necessary, we also manufacture work piece holders that are adapted specifically to the goods to be conveyed.

Handling devices and accessories (such as for coding or testing) are also embedded.

We supply the following, among others, for special linking problems:

  • Belts for shards
  • Serpentine conveyors
  • Roller tracks
  • Line combiners
  • Sending and removal tables
  • Belt conveyor
  • Turning conveyor
  • Floor-to-floor conveyor
  • Pressure-less separations

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