Round link chains / chain wheels

We can supply the following inexpensively and from stock:

- Round link chains compliant with DIN 766, DIN 764 and DIN 762


- Chain wheels and chain reels, processed and unprocessed,

   made from the following materials:


  • Grey cast iron: GG 20 (EN-GJL-200) to GG 25 (EN-GJL-250)
  • Spheroidal graphite iron: GGG 40 (EN-GJS-400-15) to GGG 60 (EN-GJS-600-3)
  • Special cast iron: with chrome-nickel additive
  • Light metal: Aluminium


   Other designs:

  • Steel weld construction (chain reels only)
  • in a special design
  • according to drawing
  • fully finished ready for installation!



- Chain shackles compliant with DIN 745 and DIN 5699

For further technical details and information, see our downloadable brochure.