The Gronemeyer discharging device for residual liquid permits emptying residual liquids from reusable bottles. Bottles with large quantities of residual liquid can be fed into the machine via a bypass. Cleaning occurs during continuous material flow. In addition to turning and cleaning, differences in height can be overcome at the same time.

Technical data

  • Conveyor performance: up to 60,000 units/h
  • Overhead track: up to 10 m
  • Difference in height: up to 10 m
  • Product weight: up to 40 kg
  • Product width: 20 - 450 mm
  • Solid steel construction in painted or stainless-steel version
  • Manual width adjustment
  • Automatic tensioning station for the cleated chain
  • Central lubrication system for the cleated chain

Optional equipment

  • Moving deflecting pulleys in the curves to reduce wear on chains and slide rails
  • Motorized width adjustment
  • Complete machine cover made of Makrolon or steel grid with maintenance doors
  • Independent electrical control system with congestion monitoring
  • Loading and unloading belts
  • Water lances for cleaning support of the cleated chain