"How do we get an unwieldy and heavy plastic bag cooled and then in the carton?"


„How do we get an unwieldy and heavy plastic bag cooled and then in the carton?“. This was the request of one of our customers. We were able to present the customer a conclusive concept and together we implemented it sucessfully.


The 2,5 kg heavy plastiv bags, filled with pasty bee feed, are transferred from the filler to our conveyor system in two lanes. After the products have been weighed, they are transferred to one of our reinforced spiral cooling systems. While passing through the cooling system, the products are blown with cold air and cooled down to 25°C.


The next step is to align and pack the bags into cartons. The bags are detected by a camera with position and alignment on the conveyor chain. This data is provided to a SCARA robot (horizontal articulated arm robot), which grabs the product with a vacuum suction pad, aligns it and precisely places five bags into the carton which is provided by an upstream carton erector.


 The filled cartons then pass through a corton sealer, a metal detector, a labeller and checkweigher integrated in the mat conveyor system before being gripped and palletized by a six-axis robot. The empty pallets are provided by a pallet magazine and conveyed into the robot cell via a pallet transport system and up to the removal point. Here the filled pallet can be taken over by the logistic.


Thanks to the individual components connected to each other via a line control system, we were able to coordinate all handling tasks and react optimally in the event of a fault. This increased the effectiveness of the entire line and eliminated physically stressful workstations. To ensure the safety of the operators in the vicinity of the robots, a safety technology was chosen which allows a safe and quick acces to all points of the line.



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