ADAC-Driving safety training 2020

When do you ever go to the limit with your own car and know in a flash what is the right thing to do at the wheel?

This year, too, we were given driver safety training at the ADAC test site in Paderborn. Numerous colleagues were looking forward to the upcoming event with joy.

When do you get the pleasure of provoking oversteer or understeer of the otherwise usual car under safe conditions? What comes next and how do we steer our car so that we don't completely slide into the nearby gravel bed? You don't want to be laughed at by your own colleagues. Terrifying how fast it can go if you only slightly exceed the limit! In an interplay of practice and theory, each individual was led through different situations and circumstances. There was definitely no frustration!

During the lunch break, we came together in a nearby restaurant where our company provided us delicious burgers, hot dogs, schnitzel and much more.  Saturated by the juicy burger and the total of 8 hours of training, an eventful day with many valuable experiences came to an end. All colleagues are now driving even happier and safer on the road and are aware that there is not a gravel bed everywhere as a buffer to an accident.

Speaking of buffers - you already know ours different buffer systems for your production lineLächelnd?



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