Chain wheels and deflection pulleys or wheels

We deliver various designs of chain wheels and deflection pulleys for use in all kinds of conditions.


Spray-painted version:

  • Inexpensive
  • Low-noise, smooth chain running
  • Self-lubricating (deflection pulleys)
  • Material: fibreglass-reinforced polyamide, all steel parts stainless
  • Standard colour: black


Made from solid plastic (turned and milled)

  • Extremely robust
  • Superbly resistant to wear
  • Low-noise, smooth chain running
  • Material: cast polyamide, all steel parts rust-free
  • Standard colour: black


Harness the advantages of the two-part design

  • No expansion of the drive shaft required
  • Fast and simply assembly and removal


Colour natural white - biologically favourable design

  • Chain wheels and deflection pulleys have smooth contours and surfaces
  • Especially easy to clean and disinfect thoroughly
  • Problem-free recycling thanks to the use of natural cast polyamide


All chain wheels can be supplied with flanged wheels (guide rings). The chain wheels are compatible with all hinged chain conveyors from all manufacturers, since the chain wheels and deflection pulleys are produced in accordance with DIN 8153 and ISO 4348. The natural wear elongation of the chains is compensated by the special toothing of the chain wheels.


Standard chain wheels are available for delivery immediately from stock!

Additional information and technical details are available in our catalogue