In 1918, August Paul Gronemeyer opened his company producing chains and elevators in the German city of Düsseldorf. His company was founded on skilled craftsmanship and a healthy dose of entrepreneurial spirit.

After the decimation of all production facilities following the effects of the war, the company began to rebuild itself in 1945 in the town of Höxter, by the River Weser.

In 1967, the first change of generation among the company's managers took place. Following the recipe for success established by the company's founder, his son Günter Gronemeyer expanded the company's production capacities and portfolio of products. The design and production of conveyor systems commenced in the mid-1970s. In the food and drinks industry especially, but also sectors such as the pharmaceutical industry and the glass-making industry, our conveyor systems have become synonymous with reliable functionality and long service. International business relationships have also spread our reputation beyond Germany's borders.

The handover of responsibility for the company to Peter Gronemeyer in 1994 ensured the continuity of this family-run firm. Customer focus, high standards of quality and on-time delivery form the basis for our company's successful existence. The introduction of a quality assurance system ensures high standards of quality for Gronemeyer products.

The production facilities at our drive element production plant permit the depth of production required for the construction of specialist machinery. This is especially advantageous in terms of the high availability of system-specific spare parts. A highly skilled team of experienced designers and engineers form the backbone of our company. Their knowledge and dedication allow us to project-manage and execute complex, major systems from the first layout to the handover of the turnkey system to the customer.