Bottle turner/case turner


The Gronemeyer bottle turner permits interior cleaning of new glass, tins, etc. Blow-out-, ionisation or vibration bars are offered in addition in order to optimize cleaning performance. Cleaning occurs during continuous material flow. Blown out particles are collected on drawers or as an other option with a suction system. In addition to turning and cleaning, differences in height can be overcome at the same time.


The Gronemeyer case turner works according to the same principle. The case turners are often integrated into the case washer.

Technical data

  • Conveyor performance: up to 60,000 units/h
  • Overhead track: up to 10 m
  • Difference in height: up to 10 m
  • Product weight: up to 40 kg
  • Product width: 20 - 450 mm
  • Solid steel construction in painted or stainless-steel version
  • Manual width adjustment
  • Automatic tensioning station for the cleated chain
  • Central lubrication system for the cleated chain

Optional equipment

  • Moving deflecting pulleys in the curves to reduce wear on chains and slide rails
  • Motorized width adjustment
  • Complete machine cover made of Makrolon or steel grid with maintenance doors
  • Independent electrical control system with congestion monitoring
  • Loading and unloading belts
  • Air lances for cleaning support, air production Side channel blower or compressed air
  • Tri-level sterile air system for cleaning support, air production: Compressed air
  • Ionisation system for elimination of static loading (plastic bottles)
  • Suction system for blown out particles
  • Pneumatic vibration bars for better dissolution of dirt particles
  • Flow sensor for monitoring the cleaning process