Stainless steel hygienic system


The Gronemeyer stainless steel hygienic system has stood the test of time for transporting general cargo across long distances. The open construction prevents dirt deposits. Common hinged belt chains and drive engines are used. Here your requests can be taken into account. The drives are delivered as slip-on gears or with chain drive. The modular construction allows them to be re-used later for a new conveyor path.

Technical data

  • Conveyor body material: stainless steel
  • Conveyor body width: 106 mm, 131 mm, 206 mm
  • Chain width: 82.5 mm, 114.3 mm, 190.5 mm
  • Conveyor speed: up to 80 m/min

Optional equipment

  • Moving deflecting pulleys in the curves to reduce wear on chains and slide rails
  • Product guides, fixed or adjustable, design depending on product
  • Supports to stabilize the conveyor systems at the desired conveying height
  • Other accessories, such as sensors, stoppers, etc.